Bay windows and bow windows project into the outdoors and create additional space and dimension within your room. Nu-Prime of Memphis handcrafts every ‘dimensional projection window’ utilizing only the very finest raw materials.

The frames of the window and also the head and seat board are constructed using only high quality 9 ply, Grade-A, hardwood plywood. The mullion posts between the windows in the unit are not only structural, but they are also totally filled with energy efficient die-cut EPS foam.

Nu-Prime of Memphis handcrafts each and every unit from start to finish, from your exact dimensions using your specific configurations. Nu-Prime of Memphis has total control over quality in-house, ensuring a perfect window for you and your home.

Panorama Series Bay Window & Bow Window features:

  • Your choice of Double Hung, Casement or Fixed Flankers
  • 9-Ply Hardwood Head and Seat construction
  • Virgin uiPVC extrusions
  • Energy Efficient 1″ Dual Pane Insulated Glass Units
  • Your choice of Birch or Oak hardwood