Nu-Prime of Memphis recently helped this homeowner with their kitchen remodeling. Basically, we replaced everything in the kitchen from floor to ceiling. Their kitchen was obviously the heart of the home. Considering how much time the family spends in this room, they wanted it to be as comfortable and functional as possible. We installed entirely new custom kitchen cabinets in a dark, rich wood. The cabinets will hep the family store and organize everything they would ever need to use in their brand new kitchen. Nu-Prime installed new granite kitchen counter tops, which are very easy to keep clean, especially when you have a busy family. We also added a kitchen island work area, which provides additional storage space and uses the same granite and wood.

We installed a new custom tile kitchen floor, which will also be easy to keep clean and helps balance out the dark wood. We also used a lighter paint color on the walls to help brighten the room. We finished everything off with new brighter lighting fixtures and new stainless steel appliances to give this room an entirely new life as the heart of the home.


Before Kitchen Remodel in Memphis:


After Kitchen Remodeling in Memphis: